Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Yeti Magic Song

As I mentioned in my first blog about Nepal, I really like the idea of the Yeti and Big Foot. If I can’t believe in Santa or the Tooth Fairy, then let me have the Yeti, and Sasquatch and Nessie. One night around the wood stove (myself, another American, a Laotian and the 2 guides) we started talking about the Yeti. Unlike Sasquatch, nearly every Nepali believes in the Yeti. When we brought it up the guides got very serious about it. Both swore that they had seen footprints up by Gimash Himal (Ram told me that he’d go with me if I ever came back to Nepal in search of the Yeti) and both are afraid of them. They even consider a yeti attack a probable cause of the disappearance of trekkers.

Ram told us the story about how the yeti from long ago. There used to be many of them, and they would attack villagers and cause numerous deaths a year. The villagers all got together to make a plan of how to deal with them. An old man proposed the plan. They would make local wine (mountain people are big on their local brew), one batch normal and one batch poisoned with a lethal grass. They would throw a party in the village when they knew the yeti were watching. They’d drink the wine and have staged drunken brawls with weapons and then go to bed. After the party the yeti went to the village and  drank the poisoned wine that was left out. They mimicked the humans by getting drunk and brawling. By morning almost all were dead from the poison or killed, but a few survived. Those few ran away into the mountains where they have stayed ever since. Once in a while someone will have a sighting or see a footprint, and there are reports of people going missing in those particular areas. And it’s the yeti.

To further press the case of the yeti, the other guide there that night had a PHOTO of a YETI HEAD. Not to reference Star Trek again, but it was reminiscent of a Klingon, with the darker skin, forehead ridges and wild hair. It was a little cone-head shaped though. The head was cut at the eye level, so it’s still debatable of what it was, but I’ve never seen anything like it. They’ve had some scientists come and do some tests on it, but they all come back inconclusive. Proof enough for me!

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